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Toyota car delivery


Toyota is a Japanese auto manufacturer headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan and was founded in 1937. The world’s second largest auto manufacturer, it is also the sixth largest company in the world. Toyota Motor Corporation also sells Lexus and Scion.

As the world market leader in hybrid vehicles, it has encouraged adoption of hybrid vehicles around the world. Currently, they offer eleven hybrids and one fully electric vehicle. All the hybrids they offer are hybrid versions of their standard model vehicles.

Toyota offers several sedan models, a minivan, two truck models, several crossovers and SUV’s. The most popular Toyota sedan models are the Corolla and Camry, both available in a hybrid. The standard Camry is consistently the bestselling car in the US. US News and World report list the 2019 Camry as the best hybrid on the market. While the Prius name has become synonymous with the hybrid model, it is also the most popular hybrid on the market.

For the truck line up, the Toyota Tacoma has consistently been one of the most popular trucks on the market. The Toyota 4Runner is the longest manufactured SUV in the lineup and ranked as one of the longest lasting vehicles in the US. They Highlander is one of the most popular crossover SUV’s on the market.

Toyota also has a strong presence in motorsports with race cars competing in NASCAR, NHRA, Formula Drift as well as other lesser known racing series. To date, Toyota has won more NASCAR races than both Ford and Chevy.

ShipCar24 offers both open and enclosed transport options for shipping your Toyota across the country. Pricing can vary depending on the size of the vehicle as well as shipping destination. Smaller cars, such as the Corolla, cost less to ship than a Sequoia or Sienna. Smaller cars are much easier to load onto a trailer. Contact ShipCar24 today for more information and a free quote.

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