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Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Open car transport is the most common service auto carriers offer. It is also the most popular way to ship your car across the state or across the country. Because the trailers are open and uncovered, open car transport is the most cost effective and efficient shipping service. This means that carriers can haul many cars and use as much space on the trailer as possible.

Size and Distance

Car haulers come in different sizes. The size of the trailer depends on the distance your car is getting shipped. For example, in shorter distances, transporters use a smaller 1-3 car trailer. For longer cross country distances, a 7-10 car trailer carries the vehicles. These trailers are double decker and can carry up to 10 cars. You are probably most familiar with these types of trailers.

Weather and Road Conditions

When deciding if open car transport is for you, there are a couple things to consider. Since the hauler is open, exposure to weather and road conditions occurs. If your car is a classic, rare, or expensive vehicle, you might want to consider enclosed car shipping.

Even though open car carriers expose your car to the weather and road conditions, open car shipping is safe. Auto manufacturers most frequently use open car transports to transport new cars from dealership to dealerships. And damage very rarely occurs. When you drive your vehicle, there is always potential for weather and road wear. With auto transport, your car gets to the destination without adding miles and wear and tear to the car and tires.

Open car transport is a cost effective and efficient way to safely ship your car to wherever it needs to go. Once you decide to ship your car, see our list of tips to prepare your car for shipping. ShipCar24 full car shipping service broker and auto carrier. This means we offer excellent customer service extensive experience and great shipping rates.

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