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Motorcycle Shipping Service

ShipCar24 now offers motorcycle shipping. Whether you purchased a new bike from across the country or you want to take your bike with you on vacation, we are here to help you. To motorcycle owners, their bike is precious cargo, almost like a family member. They want to make sure the transport driver and company will take care of their ride as if it was their own. As a motorcycle owner, you have invested a great deal of time and money into your bike and you want it cared for.

Why do you need to ship your bike?

There are many reasons why you want to ship your bike. Perhaps you have purchased one from an online auction and you need to ship it to your house. Maybe you sold it online and you agreed to ship it to the new owner. Are you relocating? Avoid the wear and tear on your bike by shipping it to your new house. Are you going on a sweet vacation? Lots of bikers want to have their ride with them to explore new areas and have amazing adventures. Perhaps you race and you need to transport your motorcycle to the racing location.
Whatever the reason, ShipCar24, can get your bike where it needs to go.

But first, let's go over how a bike gets transported. This will help you decide the best shipping option for your type of motorcycle. For the most part, motorcycle shipping is just like car shipping. Trailers need to be full before they head out. Transit times are faster when transporting from a big city to another big city. And time of year can affect price and transit speed. For more information, please see our article on how long it takes to ship a car. The concept is the same for motorcycle shipping.

Type of Motorcycle Shipping Services

Like in auto shipping, carriers offer two types of shipping services. Open transport and enclosed transport. The service you choose depends on the distance and type of bike you have.

Open Motorcycle Transport

Open transport for motorcycles is the most affordable motorcycle shipping service.

It is cheaper to ship a motorcycle than to ship a car. The rate to ship a motorcycle is about 80 per cent of the small sedan shipping cost. Nor every car carrier is specializing in motorcycle transport. More than a half of the carriers are not transporting motorcycles because they require special traps and certain configuration of the trailer. Therefore is important to plan motorcycle shipping in advance.

Enclosed Motorcycle Transport

Enclosed transport is the most common service for transporting motorcycles. It is the best and safest way to ship and the preferred method for most motorcycle owners. Some carriers will load the motorcycle onto a skid or pallet and tie it down using soft straps. At least four points on the bike frame are tied down to make sure the bike is secure and will not move during transport. Most of the enclosed trailers are equipped for motorcycle transport and some are specializing exclusively on this type of cargo shipping. Some trailers are equipped exclusively for bikes and other power sports vehicles. When a bike gets loaded onto the trailer it is tied directly to the floor and walls. Enclosed motorcycle transport is more expensive than open.

Domestic Motorcycle Transport

Most carriers offer door to door shipping, so make sure a big truck and trailer can get to your residence or be prepared to meet with the driver in the closest semi-truck accessible location. The driver will then do an inspection of your bike and you will both sign the Bill of Lading to agree on condition. Then the driver loads the bike into the trailer.

Just like auto transport, a trailer needs to be full before it leaves to the final destination. . To fill trailers however, some carriers will transport other vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATV's, or cars

Transit time

Depending on how far your bike needs to go will determine the transit time. Plan on pickup being one to fourteen days after you make your reservation. The carrier or broker will need to make sure a hauler is in the area. The average transport time is approximately three to ten days. It is in the driver's best interest to get your bike delivered quickly as possible. Delivery of your bike happens as close to the estimated delivery time as possible.

Overseas Motorcycle Shipping

Are you taking a trip overseas? Moving to Hawaii? We can help you ship your motorcycle so you can have your ride on your upcoming adventure. Shipping your bike overseas is like shipping a car overseas. First step is always will need to book your shipping service with one of the shipping company or a freight forwarder. Next you need to take your bike to the port to the shipper or freight forwarder either by yourself or by utilizing our service. Transport occurs one of three ways.

Shipping your bike overseas is like shipping a car overseas. Transport occurs one of three ways. The most budget friendly is Ro/Ro shipping. Your bike gets driven onto a shipping vessel and secured down.

The second way is for bikes to be loaded into containers that are placed on a shipping vessel.

The third way is to crate up the bikes. If your motorcycle is traveling by air freight, it will have to be crated. Air freight is by far the most expensive option, but the trade off is that you will receive it much faster.
If you are shipping your bike overseas, please plan on it taking several weeks.

ShipCar24 is offering a complete overseas booking service. For more information call 916-701-2701 or email us at

Motorcycle Relocation Tips

Before transport pick up, be sure you have prepared your bike and it is ready to go. To be safe, check with your carrier in case they have any specific requirements. Here are a list of tips that should help get your motorcycle prepared and ready to go.

  • Wash your bike and note any existing damage
  • Take lots of photos to document the condition
  • Remove any personal items from saddle bags and the glove box
  • Deactivate any alarms
  • Make sure to inflate the tires to the correct PSI and fully charge the battery
  • For some overseas or international shipping, drain the gas tank must and disconnect the battery

ShipCar24 is a full-service broker and auto carrier. This means we offer excellent customer service and great shipping rates. We offer motorcycle shipping rates for both standard and expedited shipping.

Ready to get a shipping quote? Check out our quote calculator to get rates for shipping a motorcycle. ShipCar24, the best motorcycle shipping company!

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