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 low cost car shipping


Low Cost Car Shipping Service

ShipCar24 is now offering a unique shipping service, low budget vehicle transport! This service is perfect if you know well advance that you need to move. Great for a secondary vehicle, a fixer upper, or even for a college student going off in a few months.

This service has specific criteria attached to it. You must be flexible in the pick up time by giving us three to six weeks notice, a couple of months would be better. We need the advanced notice because we are then able to negotiate a lower rate with our carriers.

Budget auto transport is for your secondary vehicle, not for your primary vehicle. This is for an auto that is not in use and can schedule transport with more flexibility.

Vehicle Size

It is also geared toward small to medium cars. Smaller cars are much easier to fit on trailers than larger SUV's and easier to find room on a car hauler. A car hauler can fit several small to medium cars on a trailer, but only has room for four large SUV's or trucks. With advanced planning, a carrier can be sure there will be room on the trailer for a bigger car. If the car is in an operable condition the driver must be able to use a standard car hauler to get the vehicle loaded on the trailer. Inoperable vehicles are more expensive to haul and require special equipment and more time for scheduling.

This service is not ideal for a classic car or a collector unless this is a non-urgent shipping request. Budget auto shipping uses open transport trailers. Enclosed transport costs more no matter how far in advance you book the service.

The busy season for auto transport is the late spring to end of summer. The demand for transport is high during the season. Low budget auto shipping is not available during this time. This is due to so many people using auto transport. People tend to move more frequently in the summer. Please plan on scheduling for transport during the late fall through early spring. Remember, please schedule several weeks in advance.

What are the savings?

Are you traveling between major cities? You can save 10-15% off of your relocation service by using low budget auto shipping. You could save a few hundred dollars!

If you need to ship to a smaller city, or via a more difficult route, the savings is less. The more difficult the route the smaller the savings. You can expect your rate to about 3-5% less than a typical relocation.

Please note this service cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Are you ready to see if you qualify for our low budget vehicle transport service? Want to get cheap vehicle transportation? Please contact one of our friendly ShipCar24 customer service agents. by calling 916-701-2701 or by sending us an email to info@shipcar24.com. See how we can help with cheap car shipping!

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