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Local Car Delivery Service

Local Car Delivery Shipping Service

Local and coast-to-coast car shipping can be easy and straight forward. It is cost effective and takes less time than you might think.

Auto carriers use two services when transporting cars. Open car transport and enclosed car transport.

Transport Services

Open car transport is the most common service auto carriers offer. It is also the most popular way to ship cars coast to coast, so your car is more likely to get delivered faster. The trailers are open and uncovered. Because of this, carriers can haul many cars and use as much space as possible, making it very cost effective.

When shipping locally, or shorter distances, transporters use a smaller 1-3 car trailer. For longer coast to coast car transport, a 7-10 car trailer carries the vehicles. These trailers are double decker and can carry up to 10 cars. You are probably most familiar with these types of haulers.

When moving an expensive, luxury, classic or rare car, enclosed car shipping is the best option. The trailer used to transport the cars is fully enclosed and sealed.

Transport Time

The transport time for coast-to-coast car shipping depends on the destination and the shipping rate. Most carriers offer standard or expedited shipping. The speed of shipping you choose depends on how fast you need your car picked up and how much your budget allows.

A general estimation for shipping time is:

  • Coast to Coast around 1-2 weeks
  • Midwest to the Coast around 5-10 days
  • North US to South US around 5-10 days
  • Intrastate around 1-3 days

Keep in mind these estimations are only transit time and do not include the time before pickup.

If you are ready to get a quote for your coast to coast car shipping, check out our quote calculator. We offer rates for both standard and expedited shipping. Are you unsure how to get your car ready for transport? We have a list of tips to help you get your car travel ready.