International Car Transport
 international car transport

International Car Transport

International Shipping Service

ShipCar24 offers international car transport. Understanding how overseas transport works, helps you understand price and transit time. 

RoRo Shipping

The first and most popular method is RoRo shipping. RoRo refers to roll on roll off, meaning the cars get driven onto a ship, below deck. When the vehicle gets loaded, it's tied down securely and the crew disengages the battery.

RoRo ships have a reliable schedule. You can trust the shipping estimate will be accurate. This is the preferred method of new car manufacturers.

Be Sure to remove all personal items and make sure the gas tank is below a quarter tank.

The second method is container shipping. It's the best choice if you have a classic or exotic car that needs extra protection. Container shipping is also the best bet for an inoperable vehicle. 

Container Shipping

Container shipping consists of two types. Shared container shipping is the least expensive. This is because two or more cars share a container. The price is reduced because the cars share the transport cost. And, containers need to be full, before leaving for transport.  This adds extra time to the shipment. Also, keep in mind that RoRo shipping might not be available at the destination port. Shared container shipping is the only cost-effective method. Additionally, you can transport personal items in the backseat or trunk. 

The second option is exclusive container shipping. It is most expensive choice but also allows for faster shipping time. You can reserve a container and decide on your shipping date. If you have a luxury vehicle that needs ultimate protection, this is the way to go. Since it's your vehicle in the container, you can ship your personal items with your car.  Be sure you document all personal items shipping in the container.

We have partnered with several overseas shipping companies. They specialize in shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 

But we can ship your vehicle to any international destination.


Pasha Hawaii - Pasha offers covered RoRo ships to the following ports: Honolulu - Oahu, Kahului - Maui, Hilo - Hawaii, Nawiliwili - Kauai, Molokai - Molokai, and Lanai - Lanai. When shipping to Hawaii, Pasha coordinates car transport with ShipCar24. We schedule pickup of your vehicle from your house to transport it to one of the California ports. Two weeks advanced booking is required. Free quotes are available at Pasha Hawaii. Estimated transit times are:

· Eastern US to Hawaii: 10-16 days transit time

· Mid-West to Hawaii: 8-10 days transit time

· West Coast to Hawaii: 5-7 days


Alaska Auto Transport - Alaska Auto offers enclosed transport year round between Anchorage, AK and Kent, WA. Because they use enclosed shipping, you can include up to 250 lbs of personal items. Alaska Auto coordinates with ShipCar24 to pick up your vehicle for transport to Kent, WA. At least one-week notice is required. Estimated transit times are:

· Standard service from Anchorage or Kent: 10-14 days from sailing departure

· Expedited service from Anchorage or Kent: about 6 days from sailing departure

Please note, this does not include transport time from your residence to the port.

Puerto Rica and the US Virgin Islands

Tote Maritime - Tote Maritime offers overseas vehicle shipping between Jacksonville, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Shipping to Puerto Rico requires two weeks advanced booking. Shipping to the Virgin Islands need at least one-week advanced booking. Tote Maritime run on a fixed schedule so your transit time will be reliable. Estimated transit times are:

· From Jacksonville to San Juan: 3 days

· Jacksonville to St. Thomas: 7-10 days

· Between Jacksonville to St. Croix: 7-10 days

Transit times to other locations

ShipCar24 can also haul your vehicle to ports of any overseas shipping company. Different companies ship from different ports depending on the overseas destination. Companies that transport overseas typically leave from a port on the side of the country closest to the destination. European transports leave from the east coast.  Australian transports leave from the west coast. If your car needs to be at the port for loading, you will have to have the car transported there. Here are some estimated transport times for shipping overseas:

· Shipping a car from the East coast to Europe, can take 10 - 15 days of transit time. 

· From the West coast to Australia, plan on about 20 - 25 days. 

These estimations are for sailing time only. They do not include auto transport time from your house to the shipping port. 

Keep in mind that some destinations require trans-shipment from one port to another. Meaning, a RoRo ship will have to stop in a major port before moving on to the destination port. This can add an extra one to two weeks. 

Shipping your car either across country or overseas, doesn't have to be overwhelming. Knowing how international car transport works, helps you understand the variables involved. And are why you get estimated transit times. The important thing is to make sure you are working with a reliable company. One that will take care of your vehicle and get it to your destination safely.

Ready for a quote?

Are you unsure how to get your car ready for international car transport? We have a list of tips to help you get your car travel ready. Ready for more information on shipping your car?  Check out our international car shipping calculator. We can get your vehicle anywhere it needs to go. Whether you are going across the country or the other side of the world, ShipCar24 is ready to meet your international car shipping needs.