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 a dirty, inoperable vehicle

Inoperable Vehicle Transport

As one of the most trusted auto transport companies in the US, we provide fast and secure auto transport services for non-running vehicles at a reasonable rate.

The most reliable auto transport company for non-running cars

At ShipCar24, we have all necessary equipment and skilled specialists to securely relocate your inoperable vehicle. We made inoperable vehicle transport easy and convenient. Just get in touch with our professional customer service team, and we’ll help you to find the service you need and fit your schedule needs. Whatever the condition of your non-running vehicle is, ShipCar24 experts will help you transport it to a repair shop or its destination.

What is a non-running vehicle?

A non-running vehicle is a vehicle that doesn’t run and drive or it is unsafe to be driven even on and off the trailer under its own power. Vehicle can be inoperable due to a few reasons, including electrical problems, a seized engine, or damage resulting from an accident.

Whatever the reason is, a vehicle that doesn't run requires inoperable vehicle transport service. To transport In-op vehicles will cost more to ship than a vehicle that is in operable condition. Transport costs will also depend on the severity of the car's condition. A car that can roll and be steered is easier to load on and off the trailer. The trailer needs to have a winch mounted to pull the car onto a trailer. Vehicles with more serious damage and that cannot roll might need special equipment for loading and unloading. Therefore, shipping costs may vary depending on the vehicle's condition.

What types of inoperable cars do we ship?

Our extensive experience in the auto transport industry allows us to transport all types of non-running vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, and specialized vehicles.

Three reasons a car doesn't operate

1. No keys

If a car doesn’t have a key, in most cases it cannot be loaded on a trailer by using a winch. This type of vehicle should be loaded and unloaded only by a forklift. Forklift must be available at the pickup and delivery locations.

2. Mechanical issues

A mechanical issue that makes the car a non-running vehicle also might require a winch or a forklift. If the car cannot steer and roll, we recommend using a forklift to load and unload the vehicle.

3. Collision damage

If you recently got into a car accident and can't afford to pay for an expensive tow truck, you can choose to transport your vehicle by an experienced and more budget friendly car transporter such as ShipCar24.

Transporting a non-running vehicle from an auto auction

Most vehicles purchased at an auto auction are very likely to have mechanical issues. ShipCar24 specializes in auction vehicle transport. You can find more information about auction car transport by following the link.

Inform the carrier of vehicle’s condition

The most important thing in transporting a non-running vehicle is to inform the carrier or a broker about the vehicle's condition. The carrier or a broker must find proper equipment for safe loading and unloading of inoperable car. Equipment for relocation of a non-running vehicle is harder to find, therefore booking this type of relocation service in advance will speed up the shipping process. If additional equipment such as a forklift must be utilized during loading and/or unloading, additional fees may apply unless we know all the details prior to the booking. If you are not sure of your vehicle’s condition, call our specialists for estimation and we will guide you through. The vehicle transport costs will be much less if the vehicle's condition is described correctly at the time of the booking of the service rather than at the time of the pickup or delivery.

What determines the cost to ship an inoperable vehicle?

Don't be intimidated by shipping costs. Shipping a non-running car won't cost much more than shipping a working vehicle. Depending on the distance and type of the vehicle, it may vary between $100-$900 extra. The following factors determine the bulk of the cost:

  • vehicle’s make and model
  • vehicle’s condition and operability
  • distance and fuel price
  • transport type (open/enclosed)
  • vehicle’s weight and size
  • vehicle’s modifications and accessories
  • pickup and delivery locations (city or suburb)
  • any specialty requirements

ShipCar24 is a full-service broker and auto carrier. This means we offer excellent customer service and great shipping rates. We can transport all types of inoperable vehicles. Ready to get an inoperable vehicle transport quote? Check out our quote calculator to get rates for standard and expedited shipping.

How much will it cost to ship my inoperable car?