Inoperable Vehicle Transport
 a dirty, inoperable vehicle

Inoperable Vehicle Transport

Inoperable Car Shipping Service

A vehicle that doesn't run, for whatever reason, requires inoperable vehicle transport. In-Op vehicles do require an extra cost to transport, but it depends on the severity of the car's condition. A car that can roll and steered is easy to load. The trailer needs to have a winch mounted to pull the car onto the trailer.

Vehicles with more serious damage need special equipment to help get loaded onto the trailer.

Three reasons a car doesn't operate

1.No Keys. If a car can roll and steer but doesn’t have keys, the car can’t be pulled up on the trailer using a winch. This type of vehicle can be loaded and unloaded only by using a forklift.

2. Mechanical Issues. A mechanical issue which makes the car a non-running vehicle also might requires a winch or a forklift. If the car is unable to be steered a forklift to load and unload the vehicle during pick up and delivery.

3. Collision Damage. If you were recently in a car accident and you can wait to get your car moved by expensive tow truck to a body shop, or you might choose to a transport your vehicle by experienced car transporter such as ShipCar24.

4. Auction Vehicle Transport Most of the vehicles purchased on auction are very likely to have a mechanical issues. ShipCar24 is specializing in transportation of auction vehicles. You can find more information about auction car transport by following the LINK

Inform the carrier of vehicle condition

The most important thing in transporting a non-running vehicle is to make sure you inform the carrier or a broker. The carrier or broker needs to make sure that the appropriate equipment is available to load the car. Equipment for non-running vehicles is harder to find, so the carrier must know ahead of time. The cost will be much less if the correct equipment is available then if the driver finds out at pickup.

Don't be intimidated by shipping costs. Shipping a non-running car won't cost much more than shipping a working vehicle. Depending on a distance and type of the vehicle it may vary between $100-$500 extra.

ShipCar24 is a full service broker and auto carrier. This means we offer excellent customer service and great shipping rates. We can transport all types of In-Op vehicles. Ready to get an inoperable vehicle transport quote? Check out our quote calculator to get rates for standard and expedited shipping.

How much will it cost to ship my inoperable car?