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 expedited car shipping gets you car delivered quickly

Expedited Car Shipping Services

Expedited Car Shipping Services

There are many reasons why you might need expedited car shipping. You got a new job or a promotion that requires you to move immediately. Maybe you planned your transport in advance, but the carrier or broker backed out at the last minute. Or, you want to get your car there as quick as possible. Whatever the reason,

express car shipping

can get your car delivered much quicker.

How can express car shipping help you?

Usually auto shippers about 7-14 days notice for transport reservations. With expedited shipping, your pickup time gets reduced up to 1-5 days, depending on trucker availability and pickup location. Rush car transport service offer the convenience of guaranteed pick up time frame. Keep in mind that express shipping is more difficult to arrange on weekends.

Rush car transport service can also deliver your car quicker. Standard auto transport can take five to ten days because cars are picked up and dropped off. Express shipping can limit the actual transport time by a couple of days. It is usually offered by open and transport carriers.Enclosed carriers are very unlikely to offer expedited service.

Even with expedited shipping the transit times can only reduce by a couple of days. The reason is that truck drivers have very strict work rules. Commercial vehicles have an 11-hour driving limit mandated by HOS regulations. A driver then, can only drive between 500 - 650 miles per day.

Auto Shipping Cost and Availability

As you can imagine, expedited car shipping does cost more than standard auto shipping. But sometimes, the time urgency outweighs the cost and the price is worth it. The difference depends on distance, season and pick up and drop off location.

Not all auto carriers offer express service. A company that is both a broker and a carrier can offer express shipping. By choosing ShipCar24 you will save reducing your time spent finding a company to offer what you need.

It's important to note, that express shipping is not available in all locations, especially small towns and rural areas. There are a limited number of cars shipping out of these areas and auto carriers travel these routes less frequently. If you live in a small area, consider having the carrier pick up and drop off in the closest big cities.

Weather and Vehicle Size

Weather is one of the factors that could impact transit time. Sometimes there are other variables outside of the driver’s control. Traffic, mechanical issues, driver illness. All these and other factors impact the actual transit time. Every time you book your car shipping service you receive estimated pickup and delivery dates. But remember, it's in the carrier’s best interest to get your car to you as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind too, that the bigger the vehicle, the longer a transport it can take to get it shipped. This is for a couple of reasons. First, a car hauler can only fit four large trucks or SUV's on one 7-8 car trailer. Space is limited for larger vehicles, which means there might be a longer wait to get a spot on a hauler. With expedited shipping, the broker or carrier will find a truck to accommodate your larger car in faster fashion that regular shipping service.

ShipCar24 is a full-service broker and auto carrier. This means we offer excellent customer service and great shipping rates. We always do our best to offer you the most reasonable rate for whichever shipping speed you need.

Ready to get a quote?

Check out our car shipping quote calculator to get rates for standard and expedited shipping. Car preparation for both standard and expedited shipping is the same. Are you unsure how to get your car ready for transport? We have a list of tips to help you get your car travel ready.

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