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 Enclosed Shipping protects luxury cars

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

When it’s time to move an expensive, luxury, classic or rare car, enclosed car shipping is the best option. You want to protect your rare, luxury or antique collector’s item.  The trailer used to transport the cars is fully enclosed and sealed, similar to an 18 wheeler tractor trailer.

Most vehicles are transported by using open trailers which keeps the cost of shipping down. When using this method, however, cars are exposed to weather conditions and road hazards such as dirt and weather elements.

While open trailer shipping is still considered to be very safe, and the risks are minimal, enclosed shipping offers the best protection for your car. You want to make sure that your investment has the best possible safeguard against weather, road hazards and theft.


Enclosed car shipping is more expensive for several reasons. First, a trailer can hold fever cars than open trailer. Space is at a premium which raises the cost per spot.

Second, there are fewer auto carriers that offer enclosed trailer car shipping. There are more and more carrier companies starting up all the time. Most of them offer open car transport service so it’s easier to get your car shipped quickly on open trailer. Enclosed trailers cost more for carriers to buy and insurance coverage is more expensive than for open. This reduces the number of companies that offer this enclosed transport service. With enclosed transport you might have to wait for an enclosed trailer to be available in your area. Or there might be a waiting list. If you live in or near a large city, you will probably have a shorter wait time.

Types of Enclosed Trailers

There are many types of enclosed trailers. Single car or two car haulers, transport vehicles local or short distances. To transport a vehicle across the country, a multi car trailer is the better option.

A multi car enclosed trailer can hold up to four cars and uses a hydraulic lift to raise the car up to the trailer. The lift is necessary for those cars with a low ground clearance, such as race cars or luxury sports cars. Enclosed trailers can be soft or hard sided, however, this factor doesn’t usually play role on a price.

Ready for a quote?

Since there are fewer auto carriers that offer enclosed car shipping, using a broker could help you find the best rate. ShipCar24 is both a carrier and a broker. This means that we can offer you the best rates and offer you excellent customer service. Ready to get a quote? Check out our quote calculator to get rates for both standard and expedited shipping. Unsure how to get your car ready for transport? We have a list of tips to help you get your car travel ready.

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