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Auto Auction Transport Services

Auto auction is an affordable way to buy a new or used vehicle. However, most of the time the vehicle must travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to its buyer. Logistics can become a challenge overshadowing an excitement about the purchase. Luckily, we are here to help. You can always trust your vehicle to a reliable auto auction shipping company such as ShipCar24. We offer a professional auto auction transport service that will help you to get your vehicle shipped to or from the auction site.

Car shipping from auction with ShipCar24: we understand and fulfill all your shipping needs

ShipCar24 auction auto transport service is the best way to ensure your vehicle’s safe arrival at its destination. We know how important it is for your car to arrive at the delivery location in preexisting condition.

The auction auto shipping couldn’t be more convenient. We can transport the vehicle directly from the auction to any semi-truck accessible location.

Auctions we work with

We provide open and enclosed shipping to and from any US auction, including dealer auctions and public auctions.


ADESA auto auction is a used vehicle auction that launched in 1989.Today it has over 75 auto auction locations throughout North America. The company provides wholesale solutions to professional car buyers and sellers.


A Copart auto auction house can be found in almost every US state and online. Established in 1982, Copart sells more than two million vehicles a year now. Copart is an auction that is accessible for private buyers and sellers.


Insurance Auto Auctions, also known as IIA, provides a variety of mostly salvaged vehicles. Founded in 1982, IIA now has over 150 auto auction centers across the country.


The company has been serving wholesale vehicle buyers and sellers nationwide since 1945. Thanks to the 24/7 operation, Manheim is one of the most popular dealer’s auctions in the US.

America’s Auto Auction

It is a dealer's auction that has 23 locations Nationwide. This auction specializing on selling new and used vehicles, boats, RV’s and etc.

How much does it cost to ship a car to an auction, or from an auction? Running and non-running or inoperable vehicles

What affects shipping costs

Auction car transport rates will vary depending on several factors, including distance, shipping method, fuel price, shipping season, and condition of the vehicle. Be ready to invest more in shipping classic or exotic cars, especially if you decide to hire an enclosed vehicle transport or express shipping service. Auction car shipping costs can also be affected by severe weather conditions. Expect to spend more if you are shipping to an area where the weather can be unpredictable and can cause delays and road closures. In addition, the total cost of auto auction transport is always affected by fuel prices.

Average rates for shipping a running vehicle

On average, an auto transport company charges around $1.40 per mile for distances from 1 to 500 miles. You should expect to pay around $500 for a 350-mile trip. However, the longer the distance is, the lower the price will be. Auction car delivery for distances more than one thousand miles will cost around $1 per mile, while coast-to-coast vehicle shipping can be even as low as $.60 per mile.

Why does shipping inoperable vehicles cost more?

Transporting inoperable vehicles involves extra costs, usually between $100-$800 on top of the regular rate. The rate will also depend on the vehicle's size and type of damages. Shipping inoperable cars is more complicated than running ones. While operable cars are usually driven onto and off an auto transport truck, a non-running vehicle is usually loaded onto it and then unloaded with the help of a winch or forklift. It requires specific skills as well as more time and effort to load and unload an inoperable car than just driving a vehicle on and off a trailer.

How long does it take to ship a vehicle from or to an auto auction?

Auction car transport from the auction floor to the destination of your choice usually takes 1 to 12 business days after you place the order. Transit time depends on the distance between pickup and delivery sites. The vehicle travels covering around 500 miles a day.

Express shipping service can be available within 12-48 hours from the time you book the service. You might want to select this type of service when you buy a vehicle right before the weekend when most dealer auctions are closed, to avoid paying substantial storage fees.

What you need for auction transport?

Shipping companies require that your order be accompanied by some important information, including:

Lot number

This is the number of the auction lot where the car is physically located. Your auto shipper will need this information to confirm the vehicle availability and condition with the auction office before pickup.

Buyer number

A buyer number is a unique combination of digits assigned to an auction buyer. It is sometimes referred to as a customer number. Most auto auctions do not have a buyer or customer number requirements. Copart and IAA are the ones that require it.

Gate pass

This is a document required by ADESA , Manheim and other auctions to pick up a car from the auction lot after-hours. Sometimes the auction office will ask for Vehicle’s Release. These documents may be needed in order to receive a Gate Pass if it was not printed before the driver's arrival.

VIN Number

Vehicle VIN number will be requested by most auctions. It is always a good idea to have VIN number available to ensure the correct vehicle is being picked up

How are auction vehicles hauled?

Needless to say, that the next step after winning the bid on a vehicle is to arrange your auction car shipping. Most of the auctions will have a time limitation for picking up your car. For example, Copart and IAA will start charging storage fees within a week after vehicle was sold. It's crucial to hire a trusted and reliable carrier specializing in auto auction transport.

Some auctions offer their own transport service for vehicles you win with them; still, their services are usually more expensive and it takes longer to ship it. Therefore, hiring an auto carrier is a cheaper and faster option.

While choosing a shipper, make sure that they specialize in auction car transport since it requires special expertise and training. This is particularly important if you’re shipping a damaged or salvaged vehicle. Transporting non-running cars requires the right equipment and appropriate driver training.

Remember that to authorize your vehicle pickup, you need to provide the carrier with all required information such as a buyer number, a lot number, VIN number and a gate pass. Also, you need to ensure that the vehicle is paid, otherwise your auction purchase will not be released.

Open or enclosed shipping: what should you choose for auction transport?

Auctions can help you get the car of your dreams. They offer an impressive variety of vehicles, from affordable inoperable cars to rare classic cars. There are high chances to pick up a real bargain there. Shipping companies allow thousands of consumers across the nation to enjoy the convenience of purchasing and delivering vehicle by few clicks of the mouse, online.

Auction cars can be shipped in two ways: open and enclosed car carrier. Let’s take a closer look at these two services.

Open car transport

Open transport is the most popular and affordable way to ship cars. In most cases, open shipping means hauling vehicles on two-level car carrier trailers. However, 1-2 car carriers are also available for local shipping service within 500 mile radius. The number of vehicles that a car hauler can carry depends on its size. Most two lever trucks can accommodate between 4 and 10 cars, although this might vary due to the sizes of the vehicles shipped.

There is also a smaller trailer type that is usually pulled by a diesel pickup truck and can hold just 2 or 3 vehicles. A flatbed or step deck trailers that can haul large and heavy vehicles and it is considered an open transport too.

This transporting method is suitable for all kinds of cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and other drivable equipment. However, if your vehicle is a show exotic car or you would like to add a little more protection to it, open shipping might not be the best option.

Enclosed car transport

If you are looking to ship a vehicle with the best protection possible, consider enclosed car transport. It is the safest way to ship cars. The car is loaded on a fully enclosed shipping container with a roof and four walls. Enclosed trailers can be a hard and soft side. Both have similar protection levels.

Enclosed transport is the best way to protect a vehicle against harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, road debris or hail, which makes this method the most popular choice for luxury, classic and exotic cars. If your vehicle has a low clearance to the ground, enclosed trailer with liftgate feature is the way to go.

In addition, if you will hire an enclosed trailer hauling fewer cars such as 2-3 enclosed car carrier, it is more likely that your vehicle will be delivered faster. Finally, enclosed transport often involves extra insurance coverage for high-value cars.

Although enclosed car shipping service is more expensive than open shipping, it might be a wise investment if the vehicle you are shipping has a high value.

Why is ShipCar24 the best auction transporter?


Our team consists of qualified logistics experts, which helps us be one of the fastest and most efficient auction car shipping companies on the US market. We work hard to meet delivery times and provide excellent customer service.


Safety has always been our number one priority. We use highly rated car carriers and provide car shipping insurance coverage. Our goal is to deliver the vehicle, running or inoperable, in exactly the same condition as it was when the carrier picks it up from an auction.

Best value

We offer the most competitive auction car shipping rates on the market. By partnering with us, you will get your car delivered by highly trained professionals for a fair rate.

Maximum efficiency

We offer an expedited transportation service, which means your vehicle can be picked up from the auction lot within a couple of hours after placing an order with us.