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Formed in 1970, Mitsubishi is Japanese auto manufacturer and headquartered in Japan. Mitsubishi is 30% owned by Nissan with the rest of the company owned by Mitsubishi Group a large industrial holding company.

Even though the company was founded in 1970, cars were being produced under Mitsubishi Shipbuilding as early as 1917. Later cars were produced under Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. After many years of company and cultural changes, Mitsubishi Motors was established.

The Mitsubishi sold in the United States was the rebranded Dodge Dart. In the early days, Mitsubishi set up an alliance with Chrysler, who purchased a 15% share of the company. Other alliances were set up to help Mitsubishi improve their market share. The first Mitsubishi was sold in the US in the early 1980’s.

Currently Mitsubishi offers a range of cars, crossovers, and electric cars. The Outlander is the larger of the crossovers an is available in a Sport and Electric and Limited-Edition Models. The Eclipse is the smaller crossover and is also available in a Limited Edition.

In the car line, Mitsubishi offers two versions of the Mirage. The G4, a four-door sedan and a hatchback. A limited-edition version is also available.

Mitsubishi’s are very reasonable priced. A base model Mirage starts in the low teens. A base model Outlander starts in the mid $20,000's. The most expensive in the Mitsubishi lineup is the Outlander PHEV, the electric crossover which starts in the mid $30,000's.

Mitsubishi’s are frequently shipped across the country in either an open or enclosed car transporter. Cost can vary depending on which shipping service is used as well as the size of the vehicle. Smaller cars, such as the Mirage cost less to ship as it is easier to find a spot for them on a car transporter. Contact a reputable car carrier or broker for more information on car transport and a free quote.

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