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Mercury was established in 1938 in Dearborn, Michigan by Ford. It was an entry level premium car line designed to fit between Ford and Lincoln. The company discontinued in 2011 when the last Mercury finished production.

While primarily sold in the US, they were also sold in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and the Middle east.

The first popular Mercury, named Mercury Eight, was sold as a “Woodie” station wagon. Because of its popularity, in the late 1940’s it sold as a sedan. However, the Mercury’s of the 1950’s was the most popular.

The early 70’s saw a resurgence in popularity with the Mercury Cougar, the Marquis and the Grand Marquis. Later in the 1980’s the Marquis was discontinued and replaced with the Sable. And in the 1990’s the Mountaineer popularized the mid-size SUV market.

In 1997, the Cougar was finally discontinued but then reintroduced in 1999 and then discontinued again in 2002. The entire Mercury line was finally discontinued in 2010 along with the final 2011 models of the Mariner, Milan and Grand Marquis.

Popular Mercury models are still for sale, and tend to have higher gas mileage, but are reasonably priced. Early model Mercury’s are a fairly easy to find classic car. Depending on the model prices range anywhere from $14,000 to $45,000.

Mercury’s are frequently shipped across the country on either an open or enclosed car transporter. The size and value of the vehicle will depend how much it costs to transport the car. For example, it will be least expensive to transport their Sable model rather than 1969 Mercury Cougar. The Sable is newer and not worth nearly as much as a classic Mercury. It gets shipped on an open car transporter instead of the more expensive enclosed. The 1969 Cougar, a classic car, is better off transported in an enclosed trailer for its protection. Contact a reputable car carrier for more information and a free quote.

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