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Mercedes-benz car delivery


Mercedes-Benz is a German auto manufacturer headquartered in Stuttgart and is best known for its luxury vehicles. They also produce buses, coaches, vans and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is the bestselling luxury brand worldwide and is the premium brand in the Daimler Auto Group.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are produced in thirty countries as well as in its native Germany. A Mercedes car was first sold in 1901 by the Daimler Motor Corporation. Customers of the first Mercedes cars include the Rothschild’s, JD Rockefeller, John Jacob Astor, and JP Morgan. Basically, the turn of the century US billionaire royalty owned and operated Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are well known for luxury, quality, reliability and safety. Car models are categorized as “Class” using an alphabetical system to distinguish body style and the engine type.

Popular Mercedes-Benz models are in the E-Class and the C-Class. These are popular because they come with the quality and safety that Mercedes in known for but at an affordable price. The high performance and high-end models are the AMG. Most of the vehicles in each Mercedes Class come in at least one AMG version. Mercedes also offers the Mercedes-Maybach which starts at an easy $170,750.

A few of Mercedes concept cars are valued in the millions. The most expensive Mercedes-Benz is the 1954 Formula One Race Car valued at $29.6 million.

Like other German luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz has a significant showing in several motorsport classes including Formula One, Formula Three, DTM circuits, and Group GT3 racing series.

The Mercedes-Benz logo has gone through several evolutions but has used the three-pointed star since 1916. The star represents the company founder’s goal for universal motorization on land, water and air.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are frequently shipped locally and across country using both open and enclosed car shipping trailers. Cost to ship depends on the size and the value of the vehicle. A smaller, lower end model will cost less as it ships on an open trailer. A more valuable model will be best shipped in an enclosed trailer, which raises the cost of the transport. For more information on car shipping, contact a reputable carrier or broker for a free quote.

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