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Land Rover was founded in 1948 in England. It was originally a stand-alone vehicle designed by Maurice Wilks and his brother as a farm and recreational all-terrain vehicle. Land Rover has a Royal Warrant and has maintained it since 1951.

Land Rovers were a product line of the Rover Company and then by the British Leyland Motor Company. Land Rover became an official company in 1978. It has gone through several ownership changes but is now owned by the Jaguar Land Rover company.

Today, Land Rover is manufactured in England, India, Spain, Iran, Brazil, Turkey and China.

Currently, Land Rover has two vehicle lineups, the Range Rover and the Discovery. A Land Rover Defender is slated for reveal in late 2019 and for sale in 2020.

The Range Rover line is the luxury line of the two Land Rover lineup of SUV’s. The 2019 Range Rover has a base price of 89,500 while the Discovery, a similar size vehicle, has a base price of $52,950. Since Discovery is the more practical between the two models, it does come with a third-row option, making it more favorable to families.

The Range Rover lineup has five cars to choose from each including several different models. The cars range from the full-size Range Rover, to the smaller Evoque. The Evoque is available in a five door or convertible with six models to choose from. The Velar comes in all-wheel drive and offers many seat configurations.

The Discovery has two options of cars, the Discovery and Discovery Sport. Both offer multiple seat configurations for up two seven. The Discovery which starts in the $50,000's, has three models to choose from and offers more technology advancements. The Discovery Sport starts in the upper $30,000's and has four model options to choose from.

Land Rovers are frequently shipped across the country in either an open or enclosed car transporter. Cost can vary depending on which shipping service is used as well as the size of the vehicle. Smaller cars, such as the Evoque are cost less to ship as it is easier to find a spot for them on a trailer. Your car transporter company will be able to give you more detailed information and an estimated shipping price.

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