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Jaguar is the luxury brand of the Jaguar Land Rover company, a British Car Manufacture headquartered in the UK. The first Jaguar was produced in 1935 by S.S. Cars Unlimited. In 1945 the company name changed to Jaguar Cars.

Over the years Jaguar was involved in a couple mergers until Ford purchased the company in 1990. In 2008 Ford sold both Jaguar and Land Rover as part of their restructuring during the financial crisis. Jaguar Land Rover is now a subsidiary company that designs produces and sells Jaguar and Land Rover exclusively.

Jaguar has produced cars for the British Prime Minister, and holds Royal Warrant of Appointments from Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. They have held the Royal Warrants since 1951.

Jaguars current lineup includes sedans, sports cars and compact SUV’s. Each vehicle is available in several different models and trim packages. The Sedan lineup offers three vehicles, the XE, XF, and XJ. The base model of the XE starts at $26,995 where the base of the XJ starts at $76,000. Jaguar also offers a fully electric car called the I-Pace which was the 2019 winner of the World Car of the Year award. The I-Pace is comparable to a Tesla Model X, but costs significantly less with a base price of $69,500.

The F-Type is the Jaguar Sports Car and is styled as a tribute to their racing history. The F-Pace and E-Pace are five seat compact SUV, that deliver on luxury, practicality and efficiency. The base model of the E-Pace starts at $38,900.

ShipCar24 offers both open and enclosed car transport. However, when transporting a high-end Jaguar, an enclosed trailer is a good option. It cost more than open transport, but the car will be protected from the weather and road damage. ShipCar24 is happy to accommodate your luxury auto shipping needs. Contact ShipCar24 today for more information and a free quote.

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