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Hummer car delivery


Hummer was first marketed as a brand in 1992. AM General started selling a civilian version of the US military utility vehicle Humvee called the Hummer. In 1998 General Motors purchased the brand and began selling the Hummer H1 along with the H2 and H3. These were smaller versions of the H1 but based on current GM platforms.

During production, it was built in factories in Shreveport, LA, South Africa and Russia and sold in 33 countries.

Hummer headquarters were in Detroit, Michigan. In 2008 the Great Recession took its toll on brands like Hummer and sales began to decline. Instead of dissolving it during the GM’s bankruptcy, they decided to try to sell it. Unfortunately, a sale was never made, and Hummer dissolved in May 2010.

There were many reasons Hummers couldn’t live through the recession. For starters, it just wasn’t a practical vehicle. It was much bigger than most SUV’s and they got terrible gas mileage. Plus, because of its size it fell under a different classification than passenger cars and didn’t have the same safety requirements.

Even though Hummers are no longer available, they are still in use. Particularly during Prom and Wedding season when limousine modified Hummers are out in full use.

Used Hummers are easy to find. However, they tend to have high mileage and depending on the model the price ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000.

When a Hummer needs to be shipped across town or across country, the cost is higher than average due to the size of the vehicle. A carrier needs to make sure a car transporter is available to carry such a large vehicle. A car transporter can only hold a small number of large vehicles at a time. Contact a reputable carrier for more information and a free quote.

How much will it cost to ship HUMMER?