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The Geo brand was a GM company that was subdivision of Chevrolet from 1989 to 1997. After 1997, Geo was dissolved, and the remaining models were sold as Chevrolet. Geo was a line of compact cars produced due to the popularity of compact economy cars.

Geo sold five models of cars. The Metro, Prizm, Spectrum, Storm, and Tracker. The Metro was offered as a hatchback, a convertible and a four-door sedan.

The Prizm was small four door sedan that tried to compete with the Toyota Corolla, but was always outsold even though it was a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy. The Spectrum was a subcompact sedan that was slightly bigger than the Metro and was only sold in 1989 as it was previously marketed under Chevrolet.

The Storm was the Geo’s offering of a sports car model. It was first released as a three-door sport coupe and a two-door hatchback that was later restyled into a station wagon.

The Tracker was an SUV based off the Suzuki Sidekick. The Tracker was in production from 1989 to 1994 and then produced under the Chevrolet name until 2005 when it was replaced with the Equinox.

Some used Geos can still be found but typically have high mileage. They also aren’t readily available, so be prepared to look far and wide. It seems the only models easily found are the Metro, Prizm and Tracker. The good news is that they are usually a good bargain (cheap).

Since all the models in the Geo line are small vehicles, the cost for car shipping will be very reasonable. Smaller cars are much easier to ship than larger vehicles as the shipper has more flexibility with loading the cars on the trailer. If a Geo is purchased at an auction, depending on pickup and delivery locations, car shipping should be very reasonable due to the small size of the car. Contact a reputable car shipping carrier for more information and a free quote.

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