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Ford Motor Company was founded in Dearborn, Michigan in 1903 by Henry Ford. Ford was the first to mass produce automobiles and create the use of assembly lines. Ford is the second largest auto manufacturer in the US and the fifth largest in the world.

Ford’s headquarters and factory remain in Dearborn, but they also have factories throughout the United States and in ten countries.

The Ford Motor company has a wide variety of vehicles from sedans to trucks and SUV’s and performance vehicles. They also offer a wide variety of commercial trucks, vans and chassis. Sedans in Ford’s line up are reasonably priced with the small Fiesta to the larger Taurus that is at the top of the sedan price range.

While Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks are among the best-selling trucks in the US, Ford is also known for its performance vehicles. The Mustang Shelby is an updated and modern version of the classic muscle car. While the Ford GT is street legal version of the Le Mans race car that is so exclusive, a price isn’t even available on the website. According to Car and Driver, starts at $500,000. Ford has a couple new vehicles coming out in 2020, the Mustang Shelby GT500 and a new Bronco.

Ford sedans, trucks and SUV’s are often shipped using open and enclosed car shipping trailers. Vehicle size and car value determine the cost to transport. For example, a smaller Ford Fiesta C will cost less to ship than a large F Series truck or Expedition. It is much easier to fit a smaller vehicle on a car shipping trailer as the driver has more flexibility when loading vehicles. A car hauler can fit one or two large vehicles which makes them more costly to ship. For more information on car shipping, contact a reputable carrier for more information.

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