Things to Know When Transporting Your Car | ShipCar24
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What Types of Vehicles Can I Ship With ShipCar24?
We ship a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RV’s and more. You can arrange shipment of your boat too. If the vehicle type is not listed above, please contact us.
What Types of Payment Does ShipCar24 Accept?
We accept two types of terms of payment: Payment In Full: That is when you pay-in-full by credit card at the time of booking of your shipment. The great thing about this payment choice is that you don’t have to worry about paying the driver upon delivery and you can use Credit option. Partial Payment: That is when you make a partial payment at booking and the remaining balance is due upon delivery to the driver. Drivers will accept cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Please note, drivers DO NOT accept personal checks, credit cards or any electronic payment types.
How Soon Will You Pick Up My Vehicle?
We offer two types of services: Regular and Expedited. If you order Regular Service we usually will pick up your vehicle within one week. If you prefer to plan ahead you can submit request for shipping your vehicle in weeks or even months. For rush transportation we offer Expedited Service. With Expedited Service your order will be shipped as soon as 24-48 hours from the moment we receive your complete booking information and your payment. For Expedited Service we recommend contacting our agent by calling (916) 701-2701. Expedited Service cost more than Regular Service. Some locations (usually rural areas) are subject of availability of Expedited Service.
How Long Will It Take To Deliver My Vehicle?
The timeframe of the delivery is directly related to the distance and weather conditions. The longer the distance, the more time will be needed. Weather conditions also may cause a delay in deliveries. For more details, please contact our agent.
How Can I Track The Shipment Of My Vehicle?
There are a couple of ways to keep track of the location of your vehicle. Upon your request we will send you email notifications with tracking information; or you can call us directly for tracking updates.
What Is Door-to-Door Service?
Door-to-Door Service means that we will pickup and deliver your vehicle at your convenient location (residence, office, auction or any other location) if it’s legally and physically accessible by our trucker. Some areas have restrictions and are not accessible to trucks. If no trucks are permitted in your area, please contact us and we will discuss all possible options for your vehicle’s pickup.
What If My Vehicle Gets Damaged?
Vehicle damage is rare, but it can occur. The first thing you should do is to show the damage to the driver and mark it on the original Bill Of Lading on delivery. Please make sure you have a copy of the signed Bill Of Lading. Taking pictures of the new damage will help us to proceed with a claim more effectively and will speed your reimbursement. Both the driver and you should sign the Bill Of Lading with the new damage marked on the original document. Your next step is to inform ShipCar24 of the damage. ShipCar24's claim department will assist you with the claim.
What Type Of Insurance Will Be Provided To My Vehicle?
Each truck holds $1,000,000 liability coverage and at least $250,000 cargo coverage, which will cover your vehicle during transportation.
What Is The Bill Of Lading?
A Bill of Lading is a document used by you and the driver to record any marks, scratches, and other imperfections or damage to your vehicle at the time of pickup or delivery. The process is the same as used when renting a car. Both, you and the driver need to agree on the damages marked on the Bill Of Lading before signing it.
Can I Leave My Personal Belongings In My Car During Transport?
Unfortunately for the safety of our drivers, we do not permit personal effects or other cargo to be stored in your vehicle. If you wish to transport personal effects in your vehicle, you may request to do so. Note that it is up to the driver’s discretion on a case-by- case basis, and ShipCar24 assumes no liability for any damaged or lost articles.
No. You can have an authorized person drop off and pick up your vehicle for you; however, the person will have to perform vehicle inspection and sign the Bill Of Lading on your behalf. For the security of your shipment you will also need to inform us of any other person involved during shipping and/or receiving. Photo identification will be required.
What If My Vehicle Is Not Operable Or Does Not Have A Key?
We deal with “Inops” and auction vehicles all the time; however, the pricing for moving inoperable vehicles is slightly different. Please contact us for details when transporting inoperable vehicles, or mark the option “Inoperable” while calculating your transportation quote on our website.
Can I Transport My Pets In My Vehicle?
No, for safety reasons we do not allow the transport of pets or animals in your vehicle.
What Happens If I Cancel My Order?
If a driver has not been dispatched to the pick up location yet, you will receive a full refund. However, if the driver has been dispatched for pick up, you will incur a cancellation fee to cover labor and maintenance costs.