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Buick is an American auto manufacturer that owned by General Motors. Founded in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan, Buick is one of the oldest car brands in the US and is the company that helped start GM. Buick was once considered a premium brand, not quite at the luxury level as the top tier Cadillac brand. It appealed to wealthy, older buyers.

For a car company that has been in business for over 115 years, it came very close to being phased out. But due to its popularity in China, GM decided to keep the brand going.

Buick is still considered a luxury auto brand and offers several sedans and their newest line, the Avenir. The Avenir lineup is the Buick premium line and is available in three models. The Regal Avenir and LaCrosse Avenir are sedans with the LaCrosse available in AWD. The Enclave Avenir is a crossover that seats seven. Even though Buick is a luxury brand, prices are still reasonable and start at $23,200 for an Encore.

Buick has partnered with Amazon as part of their connectivity package. You can set up a skill for your Buick with Alexa ™ and she can start or stop your car and lock or unlock your doors. Prime members in select markets can get packages delivered to some eligible Buick models.

Buick vehicles use either an open or enclosed car transporter. Size determines the cost for shipping of the vehicle needing transport. Smaller cars and crossovers such as the Regal GS or the Encore cost much less to ship. It is much easier to ship smaller vehicles as they are easier to fit on a car transporter. The only Buick that might possibly considered a larger vehicle is the Enclave. A reputable car carrier will be able to give you more detailed information and an estimated shipping price.

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