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BMW, founded in 1916 in Germany, is currently headquartered in Munich. The company began as an aircraft engine manufacturer and is now one of the premiere luxury brands worldwide. BMW manufactures cars in seven countries and include production of Mini and Rolls-Royce.

On top of producing luxury cars and high-performance motorcycles, BMW is significantly involved in motorsports. Especially in Formula One, Formula Two, Touring cars and various rally’s and Series races.

BMW has a very loyal fan base with people who ONLY buy BMW’s. The most popular models are in the BMW’s 3 Series and have been for the last 40 years. Other popular models are sedans in the 5 Series and the X5. Starting prices for the 3-Series are around $40,000. The upper end and high-performance BMW models are in the M Series. There are nine models in this series starting with the M2 Competition Coup starting at $58,900 to the M6 with a starting price of $119,900. BMW also offers two electric car models.

The most expensive car BMW has ever made is the 1991 BMW Nazca M12. A concept car with a V12 designed for Italdesign that was never put into production. The value of the car is estimated to be between $1.1 million and $3 million US dollars.

Fun Fact…the logo is often thought to represent an aircraft propeller as a nod to the company origin. However, the logo is an evolved version used by the original company, Rapp Motorenwerke, which copies the blue and white colors of the Bavarian Flag.

BMW’s are often shipped using either an open or enclosed car transporter. Vehicle size and car value determine the cost to transport. For example, a smaller 2-Series Coupe will cost less to ship than the larger X7. It is much easier to fit a smaller vehicle on a car transporter as the driver has more flexibility when loading vehicles. Contact a reputable carrier for a free quote.

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