Would you like to ship a car for less? Who doesn’t like to save money? Right? However, deals and savings often are not that great, as they look like.  A little bit of logic and criticism will help you to distinguish fake deals from the real ones. In order for you to evaluate if the car transport rate is reasonable you need to consider the following 4 items: season, fuel prices, size of the vehicle, and route.

happy married couple in a brand new car
Happy senior couple in the car. Transportation.


  • People travel a lot more during the summer time due to family vacations and road trips. So there is a lot more activity on the roads compared to the winter time.
  • In the winter time snow storms, heavy rains and strong winds can make things difficult for the truck drivers. The time that it takes to transport vehicles increase due to vehicle’s location and weather.

Fuel Pricing:

  •  In the summer grade fuel is more expensive than winter grade fuel because of the ingredients in summer grade fuel which cause less pollution and burns cleaner compared to winter grade fuel.
  • Due to the different ingredients in the summer grade fuel refineries have to reformulate their fuel causing them to shut down before processing it. Summer grade fuel production starts March and April. June 1st is when everyone has to switch to selling summer grade fuel. Winter blend fuel begin in September.
  • Natural disasters may affect fuel prices also, for example, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Size of The Vehicle :

  • The larger the car is the more room it takes up, causing the transporter to haul less vehicles. That is one of the most important factors when it comes to car shipping.
  • Larger vehicle also weight a lot more which can cause trailer’s overweight, and, again, fever vehicles can be hauled on the trailer.


Believe it or not but routes can make a difference and also may make a difference in your wallet as well.

  • The further the drop off is from the main highways the more expensive services will cost.
  • Price may increase in areas like the mountains  where are difficult terrains and small narrow roads.
  • Some roads and routes won’t allow large trucks to pass through them causing the driver to find a different route which may take a lot longer to get there than estimated.

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