Katerina Boyko is the CEO and the owner of ShipCar24 Inc. Born and raised in a small country in Easter Europe, Latvia she came to the United States in 2010. With a BA in Business Management and Economics from Latvian University, she continued her education in the US.

Most of the articles posted on shipcar24.com are written by Katerina Boyko. She believes that educating her customers about vehicle shipping is a key to successful car relocation. Regular copywriters are not familiar with all the details related to a car shipping process. They just copy and paste each other’s articles and frequently provide misleading information. At ShipCar24 we care about sharing the truth about the vehicle relocation process.

How ShipCar24 Started?

In 2016 Katerina’s spouse Alex opened a car carrier company. He drove on a semi-truck as a car hauler and Katerina helped him to manage the company.

Growing from small into a large and successful car carrier company over the years, thousands of satisfied customers called asking for a service. With a limited number of drivers, it was hard to cover all customer’s requests for different schedules and routes.

As a vehicle relocation expert and as a manager of compliance and safety in the car shipping field Katerina decided to start Ship Car 24 Inc. For the convenience of their customers, Katerina created a website shipcar24.com.

Our Goals

The main target for the creation of ShipCar24 is to provide its customers with high-quality vehicle relocation service for a reasonable market rate. Being an expert as a carrier and a broker, ShipCar24 is very selective about its carrier network. This helps to ensure that each vehicle is delivered by a reputable carrier company. Only compliant and qualified carriers can become a part of the ShipCar24 network. In addition, the internal carrier’s performance rating helps to determine how qualified carriers perform over the years and helps to ensure ShipCar24 customers receive timely pickup and delivery service.

What Makes ShipCar24 Different from Others?

Most car shipping companies do not have actual car hauling experience. ShipCar24 was created based on preexisting car hauling experience. Knowledge of both sides of the car relocation process is extremely important for safe and hassle-free transport service.