When you seek a quote to relocate your vehicle you deal with either a broker or an auto carrier. A carrier operates the trucks that transport your vehicle to the new location.

Car Shipping Broker

A broker coordinates the shipment of your vehicle using a network of carriers. The broker charges an additional fee to coordinate the shipment. The broker sets the amount of their broker’s fee

Can I Hire a Carrier Directly?

Most quotes for vehicle relocation come from brokers, not from auto carriers. Naturally, you want to save money by hiring an auto carrier directly and avoiding the broker’s fee. However, this is not an easy task for a few reasons.

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Safest Way to Ship Your Car Across Country

Broker Pretends to be a Carrier

Some brokers advertise themselves as carriers. They do this to attract clients who had a previous bad experience with a broker or who want to avoid broker’s fees. They will act as a carrier from start to finish and you will have no idea you did not ship your vehicle with a carrier directly.

Carrier Performs the Duties of a Broker

Additionally, you may contact a carrier who agrees to move your car, but doesn’t have any drivers on your requested date or for your route. He may broker out your car to another carrier without your knowledge. However, he will charge a broker’s fee in addition to the carrier costs

Carrier Rate vs. Broker Rate

Finally, a direct quote from a carrier may be higher than the quote you received from the broker. Carriers incur the largest expense during vehicle relocation. They ae responsible for insurance, fuel, licensing with FMCSA, maintenance of the equipment and driver wages. Therefore, a carrier may charge more than the market rate to maximize his profits.

ShipCar24 – Broker and Carrier

ShipCar24 is both a broker and a carrier. We have our own trucks and drivers, but our routes and schedules are naturally limited to certain dates and locations. To meet our client’s needs, we started a broker company which now has the largest network of top rated carriers nationwide. Therefore, we can arrange vehicle relocation service to anywhere in the United States and overseas for any potential date.

Best Car Shipping Company
Best Car Shipping Company

Ultimately, it is your decision whether to use a broker or a carrier to ship your vehicle. As both a broker and a carrier, ShipCar24 can proceed by either method and we will do so in a professional

and honest manner. We love what we do and enjoy helping our customers. Contact us when the time is right for you to move your vehicle