When it comes to vehicle relocation, it turns out that most of the quotes come from brokers, not from auto carriers. We wonder how to hire auto carrier directly?

Every broker is charging broker fee for the services rendered. Broker decides on how high is the broker fee.

Trying to save money we often start searching for a car carriers who provides the service directly without any broker fees. Unfortunately this is not the easiest tasks for few reasons.

Brokers Pretends to Be a Carrier

Some brokers advertise themselves as carriers. They use the trick to attract clients who have unfortunate experience with brokers in the past. They will act as a carrier from start to finish. You will have no doubt that you ship your vehicle with a carrier directly even through it is actually a broker.

Carrier is Performing Duties of a Broker

Another example would be situation when you contact a carrier and he agrees to move your car, however, he doesn’t have any driver’s on your requested dates or on requested route. He may broker out your car to another carrier and you might not know about. He still will make a broker fee.

Carrier Rate Versus Broker Rate

Finally, when you found a carrier directly you could have realized that broker quoted you lower that the carrier. The reason for that is that carrier wants to make the largest amount of dollars possible. Carriers are the ones who has the largest expense during vehicle relocation. They spend on insurance, fuel, licensing with FMCSA maintains of the equipment and driver wages. Even if the market rate is $800 he may rate a customer for $1,000. Why to make less if he can make more?

ShipCar24 Broker or Carrier?

ShipCar24 is both, broker and a carrier. We have our own trucks and drivers, however our routes and schedules are limited to certain dates and locations. To meet our client’s needs we started a broker company which has the largest network of top rated carriers nationwide. We can arrange vehicle relocation service anywhere in US and even overseas at any time.

In conclusion, only you decide if you would like to ship your vehicle with a broker or a carrier. As a broker and a carrier ShipCar24 can do both ways in very professional and honest manner. We love what we do and we enjoy helping our customers. Contact us when it right time for you to move your vehicle in any direction and at any time.