Vehicle transportation process may become very frustrating especially if you never used the car transport service before.

This article will provide you with some tips on how to choose auto transport company.

Everyone wants to find safe, reliable, and trusted car transporter that will provide excellent service for the lowest price. Does it sound about right?

So, Where Do I Find The Right Auto Transport Company?

Most of you already know the answer- Google it! Very few companies will advertise on Craigslist or in local ads, because most of them will offer nationwide transportation service. Why would they advertise in every city of every state on Craigslist if there is great tool that will do it all at once? Today, every single auto transport company can be found on Google.

So, How Do I Choose The Right Auto Transport Company?

Most of the companies who are offering car transportation service are brokers. In order to legally do the business, they must be fully licensed with FMCSA and must be insured for at least $75,000. You can check if the broker is licensed and insured by visiting and searching auto transport broker or carrier by name. This service is absolutely free and available to public. You can also read company’s reviews on Yelp, Facebook, BBB and other reliable sources.

Can I Hire a Carrier Directly to Avoid Broker Fees?

The simple answer is yes, you can hire a carrier directly. The problem is that very few carriers are advertising themselves and they are usually using only few routes to run their business. One car carrier’s company typically is not transporting vehicles nationwide. Depending on the state where it is based in, the company will normally choose the most profitable routes and will transport vehicle just using these specific routes.

On the other hand, a broker, who has the ability to connect with almost every registered car carrier nationwide may offer you the car transport service on any route you will request.

Some brokers advertise themselves as carriers and most likely they do have few car haulers within their company. The main benefit of hiring this type of brokers is that they know the business from both sides and will be able to provide you with better service. Experienced and professional brokerage business offers convenience for both, a client and a carrier.

Why Do Car Transport Brokers Charge Broker Fees?

Most people don’t like brokers, because they charge broker fees. Why to pay them? Well, let’s look at what does the car transport broker’s job include?

Generally speaking, auto transport broker’s job is to find a client who needs to move a car from point A to point B and to find a carrier who will move the client’s car. Sounds like 5-minute job.

In reality, in addition to finding a carrier, responsible auto transport broker has to ensure that the carrier is licensed, has insurance, and has experience. Broker has to arrange pickup and delivery that will fit client’s and carrier’s schedule. Just to name few of the expense that broker has to cover, so that he can run the business: office rent, monthly load board subscriptions fees, credit card processing fees, wages to their employees, broker bond , marketing and advertising costs and much much more. Just to be found on Google brokers are spending thousands of dollars every month.

Should I Choose Larger Or Smaller Auto Transport Company?

There are large and small car transport companies. Large companies’ service is usually more expensive. Often times, large companies will give better quote prices to attract more clients, however, it doesn’t mean that your vehicle will be moved for the price. They will typically call you later with request to raise the price, and that can become disappointing.

Disadvantage of large transport company is that they have sharply set fees, which they normally do not lower. Therefore, if you won’t accept their terms they won’t work with you.

The benefit of working with large car transport companies is that they usually have extended working hours and large customer support team.

The benefit of medium or small size auto transport companies is that they can become more flexible in terms of broker fees. They don’t have that many expenses as large companies, therefore, they normally can afford to offer you a discount.

Both small and large car transporters have the same access to the same load board and they are working with the same carriers. Neither small nor large companies have any exclusive deals they can offer to you.

Generally speaking, there is one intensively changing auto transport market that is managed by  supply-demand concepts, and not by the size of the transport company.

If you need to ship your vehicle feel free to use the tips we shared with you in the article or contact ShipCar24. We offer simplicity, reliability, professionalism, and honesty to our clients. As a broker and a carrier we are experts in auto transportation field.


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