When it comes to car transport, the first question that we ask is  “How much?” Today, we can book a car transportation service online by few clicks of the mouse. Many transportation companies are offering instant car shipping calculators on their websites.

We wonder how the car transport cost is calculated?

To calculate car transport cost the following criteria is used: distance, price per mile, type and size of the transported vehicle, vehicle’s operational condition, location of the vehicle, and a season. This article will discuss each of the elements that triggers car transport costs.


Distance is calculated from the zip codes of the vehicle’s pickup location to the zip code of the delivery location. The longer is the distance the more expensive will be the car transport service.

Price Per Mile

Price per mile will vary depending on a season, fuel price and pickup and delivery locations.


Seasonal price changes mainly based on supply-demand criteria. Typically if there is more demand on car transport service in the summer, that causes increase in transportation costs.  In winter  people usually move least, therefore it is less expensive to move your vehicle in the winter, since there is less supply for the vehicle transportation companies.

Fuel price do trigger price per mile for car transport service. When the fuel price goes up, cost per mile usually goes up too.

Location of The Vehicle

Pickup and destination locations will have one of the largest impacts on the car transport cost. The larger and more populated is the city of origin and destination of the transported vehicle the cheaper is cost to transport it.

Areas that are hard to reach by semi trucks due to it’s narrow roads, steep mountains or low hanging trees are serviced by car transporters at a higher rate.

Size of Transported Vehicle

The larger is a transported vehicle the higher is transportation price.  Large construction trucks, sprinters and box trucks are more expensive to move than a regular sedan because they may take two or more sports on the trailer.

Condition of The Transported Vehicle

Operable vehicles that start and drive are cheaper to transport than inoperable vehicles. It takes much more time and work for the driver to move inoperable vehicle than running vehicle.

We are hoping that the article