To find a classic vehicle relocation service may become a hard task. When it comes to the auto shows, autocross, and classic auto events it is important to deliver a vehicle in fast and safe manner. Moreover, insurance coverage for the transported vehicle should be higher than for average car.

As an experienced transporter we are transporting classic vehicles on the open and enclosed trailers.

Enclosed trailer transport provides extra protection to any vehicle. Even through it is more expensive than open, it became preferred transport type for classic and exotic autos.

Classic vehicle relocation

Benefit of Open Car Carrier

However, open car transport service is more frequently used. Benefit of transporting your vehicle open car carrier can be the following:

For open or enclosed vehicle transport it is important to choose reliable car transporter.It is important to  schedule an auto relocation service in advance.

ShipCar24 is safe, experience and reliable car transporter. Our company provides exceptional auto relocation service across the country. Moreover we offer extra insurance coverage for classic vehicle owners that exceeds one million in cargo coverage. ShipCar24 guarantee safety of their vehicle as well as timely delivery.

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Instant car transport quote is available on our website: We offer booking over the phone (916) 701-2701 or via our live chat.

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