The average person is familiar with the process of shipping a package using a transportation company such as FedEx, UPS or Amazon. However, the car delivery process works quite differently from package deliveries. Unfortunately, the “same or next day delivery” option that is available when shipping a package is not possible when shipping a car. Unlike package shipping, the cars are not collected in a central terminal or warehouse. Instead, car shipping is often performed by an independent carrier who drives to different locations to pick-up the cars he is transporting.

FedEx Delivery Truck

False Advertisement in the Car Shipping Field

The competitive nature of the car shipping field has led some companies to post inaccurate information on the internet in an attempt to attract customers. Unfortunately, these claims can raise unrealistic expectations for car shipping clients. Two examples are advertisements that promise door to door service and assurances regrading exact pickup and delivery schedule dates and times.

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Transportation of Cars on Semi-trailer Across the Country

Door-To-Door Service?

Car shipping advertisements often promise door to door service. In reality, door to door service is not always possible and in some circumstances may be illegal and dangerous. Most cars are shipped by large Semi-trucks. They haul between 5 and 10 vehicles on one trailer. The ability of the truck to deliver to a person’s door can be limited by many factors. Gated communities, narrow streets, steep hills, low hanging trees and restrictions on semi-truck access. These are are all factors that limit the ability of a carrier to provide door to door service.

Get Your Car Delivered Exactly on Christmas Day?

The ability to provide exact pick-up and delivery scheduling for a vehicle is another false advertisement. Traditional package shipping companies like Amazon, FedEx and UPS utilize large fleets of trucks and networks of warehouses. On the other hand, car shipping is mostly performed by independent carriers who only operate one or two trucks. The drivers make stops to load and unload vehicles as they proceed across the country. Also, government regulations limit their active duty to no more than 11 hours per day with a 24 hour restart every 7 days. Further, the driver is responsible for maintaining their semi-trucks and trailers on a daily basis. Therefore, a car carrier’s schedule requires more flexibility and they will pick up and deliver your vehicle within an estimated date and time period.

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