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Ship Car 24 offers a car shipping calculator. It calculates instant car shipping quotes. This unique tool was developed by our company’s special developer team. How do we keep the calculator rates current with a constant car shipping rate change on the market? Simple! Weekly rate updates help us to maintain the most current rates. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate car shipping rate. We are second to none when it comes to offering instant car shipping quotes.
Not satisfied with the quote? Give us a call and we can absolutely figure something out for you. We provide personalized services and we try to eliminate all the headaches in between.

How The Price Is Calculated?

The main concern of the customers when attempting to ship a vehicle across the states is always the price.  They need the price they’re receiving to be fair and reasonable. A lot of factors can play into evaluating car shipping rate —distance, route, date of travel, vehicle size, vehicle operation status, and time of the year when the vehicle gets shipped.

What Information Do I need To Get A Quote?

We are very transparent with how we calculate our costs for shipping your car. Our instant quote calculator will give you the best analysis no matter what. Using it is very easy and takes only few seconds to get an instant price on your screen. All you need is to provide us with:

  • City and state or zip code for pickup and delivery locations
  • Year, make, and model of the transported vehicle
  • Vehicle’s operation status. Does it run and drive?
  • Transport type – open trailer or enclosed
  • Shipping date – first available date for the pickup

Transit Time

Transit time is another factor to consider.  Our efficiency and reliability is paired with our door to door services and full insurance coverage. All transit times are estimated to be between 1 to 10 days. ShipCar24 promises a transit time that will not exceed 10 days.

Some of the examples of transit times for shipping your car:

  • San Francisco, CA – Portland, OR – 1-2 days
  • Aurora, CO – Sacramento, CA – 2-5 days
  • Miami, FL – Salinas, CA – 3-7 days
  • Phoenix, AZ – Boston, MA – 2-5 days
  • Los Angeles, CA – New York, NY -3-7 days

Searching by Zip Code or City, and State

This is how we generally calculate the distance for your car.  We’ll pick up your car from anywhere and will deliver it to anywhere which US border. Location is not an obstacle! Your search can be entered in by zip code or city and state.

Places that are further from the main highways and largely populated cities can be a bit more pricey. Transport between large cities are cheaper than in between small towns. Also prices go up when people move from colder states to warmer states, such as Florida, Arizona and California. This relocation season is know as a snowbird. Most people prefer arrange relocation during a summer. This drives demand and prices up.

Car Details

Car details help us to determine a size of transported vehicle. The larger is the vehicle the more expensive will be transport rate.
Sometimes a large pickup truck can take two or even three spots on a car trailer.

The most cost effective to transport are small vehicles similar to Toyota Prius, Mazda 3, KIA Soul and Toyota Corolla. They are light and can be placed on any spot on the trailer. Carriers love to transport tiny cars, therefore they are always in high demand.

Luxury and Classic Vehicles

Some companies give higher quotes for premium luxury vehicles and classic cars. This vehicles are usually transported on enclosed trailer.

It’s important to know the specification of each vehicle so that we can determine what trailer type suitable. We can use this combination to calculate the weight for each trailer.

Enclosed or Open?

We give you some premium options in your final step. Open and enclosed options are available for your vehicle. Enclosed is used to protect your car from the elements like dirt, wind, and weather. It is typically more expensive, however, you get higher insurance coverage for our vehicle. This method of transportation is great for vehicles whose values exceed $100,000. Open car transport is cheaper and is still safe. It doesn’t matter what options you will choose, because we ensure that every driver carries enough coverage for each vehicle.

Vehicle Operability

Whether or not your vehicle can run and drive on its own power will determine a price. Operable vehicles are cheaper to transport because inoperable vehicles make it harder and takes longer to get loaded and unloaded. For inoperable vehicles carrier has to have a winch installed on his trailer. If a carrier has to use a winch he will add up to in addition to the transport rate. When vehicle doesn’t roll a forklift may is required on pickup and delivery.

Each spot on the trailer is meant for a specific car with dimensions and weight. Sometimes inoperable vehicles might block other cars that will create extra miles of travel. The driver may be required to drop off this car first since it’s blocking other vehicles.

Setting a Date

Finally, setting the date of which it needs to be shipped will get the process going. Our calendar is never blacked out. We promise to ship your car 24/7. Giving us more time will help us plan a better pickup schedule for you. Our dispatch department is open 24/7/365. We will never miss a single carrier interested transportation of your vehicle.

The first available pickup date is the day you’ve chosen to be the most convenient for you to release your vehicle. Due to traffic and weather conditions, it is always a good idea to give your driver a 2-3 day pickup window. This ensures that you are ready to release your vehicle upon arrival.

Same day or exact day pickups can be scheduled for extra costs and are available for urgent requests.

Receiving Your Instant Car Shipping Quote

The final page of the instant quote gives you the details of your car, and an options to go back or add another vehicle. We provide you with two prices: regular and expedited.

Regular service pickup will take 1-7 days from the booking day. Plan ahead to save some money if you are not in a rush. It’s always a good idea to book your car shipping service in advance to get the best rate.

Expedited service takes 1-3 days. By choosing this transport service we are placing your vehicle on the top of the list above any other vehicle on this route.

Car Shipping with Deposit or Not?

If you’re interested in forgoing the initial deposit, give us a call and we would be happy to arrange your shipment without a deposit. This is a guarantee from us that you’ll be getting great service without initial payment. Be sure to give us a call, or reach out to our 24/7 messaging center to get this rearranged.

Why is a deposit needed? We use the deposit to book a spot on the carrier’s trailer for you. The deposit places you in list of verified customers. However, we understand that plans might change, therefore we offer hassle-free full refunds with 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Moreover as a verified customer speeds up shipping of your vehicle. We go by a first come first serve basis, unless you ordered expedited service. It’s important to know that when you are short on time and still would like to use our regular shipping service the deposit will helps get your vehicle picked up sooner.

However, if you are flexible on time and can wait a week to get your vehicle picked up, a deposit is not necessary.

Considerations of Shipping Rates

Why are different sites calculators are displaying different rates? We work only with reputable carriers with clean driving record. Some companies work with carriers who have damaged hundreds of cars and who have fraud insurance. Of course they will transport a vehicle for less, but does it worth to risk? Therefore we offer the personalized service and guarantee that your car is in safe hands while it makes its journey to its intended location. We will provide your vehicle with full insurance coverage and we will ensure it is transported by reliable carrier.


We are second to none when it comes to choosing a car shipping service. Door to door service is always included at no additional cost. We work with only reputable companies and ensure safety of each transported vehicle. Instant quote calculator allows you to book your order 24/7. Your order get processed immediately after your book it.
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