Classic vehicle relocation from auction

ShipCar24 offers auction vehicle transport services.  We haul cars to and from all auto auctions in the US.

A few auctions we ship to…


Copart is an online auction house that also resales and remarkets vehicles and has over 200 locations in 11 countries.

Adesa Auto Auction

Adesa is a wholesale vehicle auction house geared toward professional buyers and sellers. They offer a large selection of low-mileage, one owner cars. They have several locations around the country.

America’s Auto Auction (AAA)

AAA is an online auction house with several locations throughout the eastern United States. They specialize in New Car Trade-Ins, Aged Inventory, Lease, Bank Vehicles, Boats, and RV’s.


IAA specializes in salvage auto auctions with 150 locations across the United States and Canada. 


Manheim is the leading provider of vehicle remarketing in North America.  They have access to the largest wholesale used vehicle marketplace and auction network.

National Powersports 

National Powersports is the industry leader in motorcycle auction and remarketing.  They offer live auctions at major cities with the ability to participate online. 

Car-Tech Auto Auction     

Car-Tech offers weekly wholesale auctions from their New Jersey location. Bidding happens in person, via absentee or on the online live broadcast.  Car-Tech is open only to dealers.  

Auto auctions are typically not open to the public.  A few auction companies might allow a broker to bid on your behalf.  Only licensed dealers can take part in vehicle auctions.  

Many types of vehicles are available at auto auctions.  And come in a variety of conditions

Types of Vehicles at Auctions

  • Off lease – vehicles returned at the end of a lease term
  • Off rental – rental companies replace their fleet of cars once a year. ¬†They rely on auctions to unload their used inventory.
  • Company or Fleet Cars – Fleet cars get replaced everyone to two years. ¬†Similar to rental cars, used inventory is often sold at auctions.
  • Reposessions – auto auctions are the most common way to unload repossed cars.
  • Trade-Ins – A trade in that does not meet the needs of a dealership are often sold at auctions.
  • Salvage – Vehicles damaged from accidents, floods, fires or theft purchased by insurance companies. They are then sold at auction to auto recyclers or to body shops who will fix them and resell them.

Vehicle Condition

Before scheduling auction vehicle transport, the carrier needs to know the condition of the vehicle.  This is extremely important.  

The carrier must ensure the appropriate equipment is available to load and unload the car.  It also determines the type of transport needed. It also effects the shipping rate.  

The broker will also want to make sure they send a driver with experience to load the vehicle correctly.

An operable vehicle, such as a remarket or previously owned used car, is the easiest and least expensive to transport.

Inoperable vehicles are more challenging.  A vehicle may not have keys to operate it, but it can roll and steer. Then a trailer with a winch attached to the trailer is needed.  Loading these cars is fairly straightforward.

An inoperable vehicle with collision damage requires a forklift at pickup and delivery.  

Relocating very damaged or bulky vehicles might need a flatbed trailer.  

Equipment for non-running vehicles is harder to find. It is more expensive to move a car from an auction if necessary equipment is not available. The carrier must be prepared.

Using a auto transport company that is both carrier and broker ensures you have the right hauler for your vehicle.  

For more information on auction car transport service, please contact our customer service. Or you can start by checking our quote calculator. We are happy to help you coordinate your auction vehicle transport.