Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and sells cars in over 50 countries. Infiniti began selling in the United States in 1989. And while Infiniti is a Japanese car company, the name is not used for cars sold there. Infiniti has mainly sold and manufactured cars in the United States, but it does manufacture some model in factories throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Infiniti has both sedans, coupes and crossover models. The sedan lineup includes the Q50, Q70, and Q70L. Each sedan offers different model options. The coupe, Q60, has six model options available at starts at over $40,000.

Four size options are available in the crossover and SUV lineup. Starting with the smaller QX30 and going up to the QX80, their full-size SUV which comes in a seven or eight passenger option. Also, 4WD is available on the large SUV. The smaller crossovers, seat between five and seven, depending on the model. All the sedans, coupes and crossovers have at least one model with an AWD option.

Infiniti has been a leader in advanced car technology being the first manufacturer to add Voice Recognition, Lane Departure Warnings, and Blind Spot Intervention. 

Like many auto manufacturers, Infiniti participates on motorsports. Infinity was a sponsor for the Red Bull Formula One Racing team for five years but have recently partnered with the Renault F1 Team. 

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