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Bentley is a British luxury car manufacturer and currently headquartered in Crewe, England. W.O. Bentley founded the company in 1919 in Cricklewood, North London. In 1998, Volkswagen purchased Bentley and is now a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

Bentley has always been known for its quality and performance and had a presence in motorsports from the very beginning. The original Bentley cars participated in many races before World War One and driven by the legendary “Bentley Boys”. The cars and the drivers built the myth and glamour of the car brand by winning races and living large.

Today, Bentley symbolizes wealth and luxury as one of the ultimate car brands. The Queen of England’s personal limousine is a customized, coachbuilt Bentley Arnage, a classic luxury sedan.

Bentley sells four models offering different trims for each model. The New Continental GT coupe is standard with a V6 but can also be purchased as a V8. Both models have convertible options. The Mulsanne and Flying Spur are larger four door sedans and are powerful and fast. The Bentayga is a crossover SUV that comes standard with seating for five, but also has a seven-seat option. Depending on the model, plan on spending at least $215,000 for a Continental while the Bentayga starts at $165,000. The Mulsanne, one of the most expensive cars available today, will cost you at least $300,000.

The most expensive Bentley ever made is the 1996 Bentley Rapier. Only one was produced as it was custom made for the Sultan of Brunei. It is worth $4.5 million.

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