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Audi, a German car company, began in the early 20th century and is one of the top selling luxury automobile brands in the world. Engineer August Horch started the original company and is the inspiration for the name Audi. Horch means “listen” in German which is Audi in Latin. In 1932 Audi combined with three other car companies. The four rings in the Audi logo represent each of the four companies that joined together to form Audi AG’s original company, Auto Union.

While Audi is primarily based in Germany with its headquarters in Ingolstadt, they have eleven production factories in nine countries. In the 1960’s, Volkswagen acquired control of Audi and is the luxury brand in the Volkswagen Group.

Audi is known not only for luxury, but also for high performance. The Quattro was first produced for performance and rally racing cars and effectively associated the Audi brand with innovative automobile advances.

Some of the most popular sedan models are the A4, A6, A7. If you are looking for an SUV, Audi offers the Q7 which is a full size seven passenger luxury SUV. Want a high performing sports car? Look no further than the R8.

One of the most expensive Audi cars is their 2010 e-Tron Spyder Concept model that can cost up to $2,700,000. While Audi is famous for production of luxury sport cars, their average vehicles start at an affordable $33,300 and can go up into the $100,000’s. In keeping with Audi innovation, they are now offering a fully electric quattro SUV called the e-Tron starting in the mid $70,000’s.

Audi sedan and SUV models are frequently shipped across the country on open and enclosed car shipping trailers. The size of the vehicle will depend how much it costs to transport the car. For example, it will be least expensive to transport their A3 model rather than Q7 SUV model. Audi A3 is lighter and has smaller dimensions and is much easier to fill a spot on a trailer. For car shipping prices, contact a carrier for a free quote.

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